Oak Ridge Experiment on CO2 Enrichment of Sweetgum



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WBIR-TV report on students working on the FACE site, with Colleen Iversen and Jeff Warren, July 26, 2011

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Colleen Iversen et al. interviewed by WUOT's Chrissy Keuper (mp3)

Colleen Iversen discusses her dissertation research and Wesley Award

NPP synthesis highlighted in Editors' Choice section of Science, January 6, 2006

See Argonne National Lab press release about soil carbon in ORNL FACE, December 20, 2005

See ORNL press release about synthesis of NPP across four forest FACE experiments, December 7, 2005

See article in Science, 24 August 2001, about recent FACE results

  • Fine-root production was stimulated by elevated CO2
  • Initial enhancement of net primary productivity was not sustained because of feedbacks through the nitrogen cycle.
  • Stable isotope analysis indicated that N availability declined faster in plots exposed to elevated CO2
  • Carbon storage in the soil increased in CO2-enriched plots, including in protected forms.
  • Successional development of the understory community was accelerated in elevated CO2

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