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Photo gallery
   Final harvest

Photo Gallery

FACE Death Watch 2009

Death Watch

Frank Munger wrote about the End of FACE in his Atomic City Underground

Bole and Canopy Harvest

Tree fellingFirst tree falls from Ring 4 (Quicktime movie) (YouTube)

BuckingJeff cutting up the bole (Quicktime movie) (YouTube)

Jeff and Joanne weigh the bole (Quicktime movie) (YouTube)

Leaf strippingColleen, Caroline, Cassie, and Beth collect canopy leaves (Quicktime movie) (YouTube)


TreeCut TreePush

Inspecting cut Diameter

Bucking Weighing

Cookie cutter Weighing

Canopy Branch

LiqN2 BareCanopy

Branch Bare branches

LA_meterLiqN2.jpg LeafThickness

Soil Pits

Soil_PitJeff and Colleen digging soil pit (Quicktime movie) (YouTube)

Deep_PitCory, Jerrel, and Joanne digging deep soil pit (Quicktime movie) (YouTube)

Removing O-horizon 5cm complete

Post hole digger Dig it

Clipping roots at 15cm

Smoothing out at 30cm 30cm complete

45cm complete Completed pit

Lunch break Field sieving

Moving soil Matrix

Soil Sieving
  SievingLauren , Beth, Joanne, Caroline, Colleen, and Cassie sieving soil (Quicktime movie) (YouTube)

SievingSecond week of sieving soil (Quicktime movie) (YouTube)

Colleen&Cassie Jeff&Joanne

Blue Hands Group Roots

Sieved soil Caroline_Lauren

Dukes of Dirt

Colleen Jeff Rich

Joanne Cassie Caroline

Scott and Bethe Lauren

Jerrell and Cory

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