Oak Ridge Experiment on CO2 Enrichment of Sweetgum



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Photo gallery
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Photo Gallery

page 2 - ORNL Staff and Students


FACE group 2005 Interns

Nelson Edwards In the canopy

Jeff on tower Gloria on tower

Hyphae Ingrowth Bag Colleen and Joanne in soil pit

Cassie measuring soil moisture

Emmi Felker-Quinn Joey Roberts

Presure chamber Exudation

Jeff measuring Pn Licor

Colleen in lab Lauren washing dishes

Tower climb Jason Fults washing stump

Carla Gunderson Joanne Childs

Sara Jawdy Gerry O'Neill

Kerri Crawford Carolyn Reilly

Katherine Sides Katrina Cox

Don Todd and Mac Post soil sampling

Colleen Iversen and team Colleen in lift

Colleen and Katherine Colleen at Argonne

Joey Roberts Nicky Miller

Aimee Classen and Kerri Crawford Lab extractions

Diameter measurement calipers

Stan Wullschleger Jeff Wadsworth and Rich Norby

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