Oak Ridge Experiment on CO2 Enrichment of Sweetgum



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Environmental Sciences Division Staff Scientists, Students, and Interns

Rich Norby, email: rjn at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-576-5261
  Project leader, aboveground growth and leaf area, plant nitrogen dynamics

Joanne Childs, email: childsj at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-241-3978
  minirhizotron operation and analysis, site operations

Jeff Warren, email: warrenjm at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-576-3918
   sap flow, water relations, canopy physiology

Colleen Iversen, email: iversencm at ornl.gov; tel.: 865-241-3961
  fine-root production and decomposition, nitrogen dynamics

Chuck Garten, email: gartenctjr at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-574-7355
   nitrogen dynamics, stable isotopes

Chris Schadt. email: schadtcw at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-576-3982
  microbial genomics

Other ORNL Participants

Instrumentation and Controls Division
Jeff Riggs, email: riggsjs at ornl.gov,tel.: 865-574-5627
  instrumentation, system operation

Computational Physics and Engineering Division (retired)
Lynn Tharp, email: tharpml at ornl.gov
  data management

Previous ORNL Participants

Aimée Classen, email: aimee.classen at utk.edu, tel.: 865-974-7894
   decomposition, soil nitrogen dynamics

Stan Wullschleger, email: wullschlegsd at ornl.gov, tel.:865-574-7839
  water relations, soil respiration

Lara Souza, email: lsouza at utk.edu
  understory productivity

Mac Post, email: wmp at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-576-3431
  soil organic carbon

Carla Gunderson, email: gundersonca at ornl.gov, tel.:865-574-6318
  leaf and canopy gas exchange

Paul Hanson, email: hansonpj at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-574-5361
  soil respiration, carbon budget modeling

Tim Tschaplinski, email: t2t at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-574-4597
  plant metabolites

Tony King, email: awk at ornl.gov, tel.: 865-576-3436
  system modeling

Marie-Anne de Graaff, root exudation

Nelson Edwards, wood and soil respiration

Gerry O'Neill, root turnover

Sandy McLaughlin, high-resolution dendrometers, ozone interactions

Don Todd, email: todddejr atornl.gov, tel.: 865-574-7344, soil chemistry, technical assistance

Sara Jawdy, site maintenance

Carolyn Reilly, sample analysis, site maintenance, litter decomposition

Caroline DeVan, sample analysis, site maintenance

Katherine Sides, minirhizotron analysis, soil respiration, sample analysis

Emmi Felker-Quinn, soil respiration, sample analysis, site maintenance

Gloria Jimenenz, sample analysis, site maintenance

Courtney Campany, sample analysis, site maintenance

Cassie Bruno, site maintenance, sample processing, soil respiration

Collaborative Projects, current and completed

Ecosystem Modeling
Ross McMurtie and Belinda Medlyn, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
"Model Evaluation of Root-Soil Interactions in the ORNL FACE Experiment"

Soil Carbon Dynamics
Julie Jastrow, Mike Miller, and Roser Matamala, Argonne National Laboratory
"Controls on Soil Carbon Retention under Elevated Atmospheric CO2"

Earthworm Activity and Soil Mixing
Yaniria Sanchez de Leon, University of Illinois at Chicago
Miquel Gonzalez-Meler, University of Illinois at Chicago
Tim Filley, Purdue University

Remote Sensing and Spectral Properties
Scott Ollinger, University of New Hampshire

Wood Properties
Jennifer Franklin, University of Tennessee
Nicole Labbé, University of Tennessee

Soil Carbon Metabolism
Jason Keller, Chapman University

Rhizosphere Studies
Rich Phillips, Indiana University

NMR analysis of Soil
Carrie Masiello, Rice University

Rapid Evolutionary Change
Kevin Rice & Judah Grossman, University of California-Davis

Russ Monson, University of Colorado

Ecosystem Respiration
Miquel Gonzalez-Meler and Rebecca Trueman, University of Illinois at Chicago

Tree Ring Ananlysis
Francesca Cotrufo, Daniella Piermatteo, and Giovanna Battipaglia, 2nd University of Naples, Italy

Trace Elelments in Litter
Sue Natali, Stony Brook University

Aquatic Food Webs
John Maerz, University of Georgia
"The potential effects of plant responses to rising CO2 on larval amphibian communities"

Understory Productivity
Jake Weltzin, University of Tennessee
Travis Belote, University of Tennessee

Nutrient Cycling
Dale Johnson, University of Nevada, Reno
Weixin Cheng, University of California, Santa Cruz
Dev Joslin, Belowground Forest Research, Oak Ridge

Litter Biology and Decomposition
Dave Lincoln, University of South Carolina
Randi Hansen, University of South Carolina
Ray Williams, Appalachian State University

Photosynthetic Biochemistry
David Tissue, Texas Tech University
Johnna Sholtis, Texas Tech University

Soil Enzymes
Bob Sinsabaugh, University of Toledo
Daryl Moorhead
Tammy Long

Nitrogen Uptake Kinetics
Hormoz BassiriRad, University of Illinois, Chicago
John Constable, Slippery Rock University

Root Respiration
Kate George and Evan DeLucia, University of Illinois, Urbana

FACE System Design
George Hendrey, Brookhaven National Laboratory
John Nagy
Keith Lewin

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